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YCCECE shares the same vision of Yew Chung Education Foundation to create a better world, is committed to nurturing passionate and innovative ECE professionals who are strong advocates and change-makers, giving our future generations the best start in life.

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Sharing from Alumni

Ramjali Lila
BEdECE (Part-time) Year 3 student, 2019 HDECE graduate

“I was pleased to be offered a job at a kindergarten when I first came to Hong Kong from Nepal. After working at the kindergarten for a few years, I realised the importance of obtaining the relevant license to become a qualified teacher. YCCECE is the only college specialising in ECE in Hong Kong. Not only does it offer an English immersive environment, it also guarantees us an opportunity to gain all four professional qualifications.”

Ho Man Hin Kiwi
2019 HDECE graduate

“The lecturers not only gave us new insight into Early Childhood Education – as ECE has become a specialised subject in the 21st century – they also guided us to fully understand the concept of ‘Learning through Play’ and how we as kindergarten teachers could make a big impact on child development.”

Saana Batool Iqbal
HDECE Year 1 student, 2019 DECS graduate

“The DECS programme helped us build our ECE foundation through learning basic ECE theories and concepts. During my placement I was truly inspired by the teachers who really live the life of an ECE educator. The experience motivated me to be a great ECE educator in the future.”

Chan Tsz Him Michael
BEdECE Year 3 student(Part-time), 2018 HDECE graduate

“After completing the HDECE programme, I joined the ‘Teachers of Tomorrow’ scheme, which offers an exclusive employment opportunity to work as a full-time teaching staff member at Yew Chung International School. The scheme helped me improve my teaching skills and I also realised the importance of receiving further academic training. Hence, I decided to pursue my Bachelors in ECE at YCCECE while working full-time at the Yew Chung International School.”

Chan Ka Man Carmen
BEdECE (Full-time) Year 4 student, 2018 HDECE graduate

“To better prepare myself for the all-graduate kindergarten teacher trend and the need to pursue a kindergarten principalship in the future, I decided to continue my study at YCCECE after graduating from the Higher Diploma programme. As a Bachelor degree student, I received an advanced practicum opportunity that lasted for eight weeks. We also got the chance to participate in overseas exchange tours that broadened our horizons and developed our global ECE perspective.”