Get your free Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education alumni pin, which is an endearing souvenir you can wear to show your Yew Chung pride. As the only higher education institution in Hong Kong devoted solely to early childhood education, Yew Chung prides itself in training the finest educators who make a difference in the lives of countless children. We have made it easy for you to order pride “swags.” 

Besides the alumni pin which is offered to you free-of-charge, get your stationery case, ball point pen, iPad holder, pocket mug, and plastic folder with a suggested donation to “Yew Chung Promise,” an undesignated fund. After making a donation [here], please forward your e-mail receipt to so we can reserve your favourite swags. Postage or courier service is billed at cost. We welcome donations in any amount, but for each of the following swags, we suggest a gift amount of no less than:

Items Suggested Minimum Donation (HK$)
Alumni Pin
Stationery Case
Ball Point Pen
Tablet Holder
Pocket Mug
Plaster Folder

Alumni Newsletter May 2021

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