YCCECE Alumni Association


Introduction and Aspirations


The overarching goal of the YCCECE Alumni Association is to inspire alumni to maintain a lifelong connection with and commitment to YCCECE and to demonstrate this commitment through ongoing contact as well as contribution through time, talent and treasure.

To create clarity and focus and increase affinity with YCCECE, the long-term aspiration of the Alumni Association is to:

  • develop and enhance connections between alumni and YCCECE
  • encourage and enhance alumni-to-alumni connections
  • inspire pride and engagement through relevant communication, activities and events
  • create an efficient and sustainable infrastructure that meets alumni needs as their numbers grow
  • develop awareness of and affiliation between students and the Alumni Association
  • provide consistent, timely and focused services and benefits to alumni
  • build awareness, understanding of and support for the YCCECE Alumni Association and its value to the institution
  • promote alumni awareness of giving opportunities and increase alumni giving

Meet Your Alumni Leadership Council


The Alumni Leadership Council works for YOU, the alumni of YCCECE (formerly the Yew Chung Community College). If you have ideas, activities, events or just suggestions for the council to tackle on behalf of alumni, these are the people to contact. Meet your council members:

Virpal Kaur
HDECE(2016), BSc (ACD, HKU 2018)

“Better known as “Vips”, she likes shopping, meeting friends and exploring different cultures. She commented that she is “looking forward to arranging exciting events for the upcoming year and hopes to get to know you during the events.”

Athena Nicomedes
HDECE(2016), BSc(ACD, HKU 2018)
Vice President, Publication & Professional Development

Athena says, “I hope that as alumni we can connect and share our growth as individuals wherever we may be. I am looking forward to creating a culture of community with love, joy and respect.”

Briella Chan
HDECE(2018), BSc(ACD, HKU 2020)
Vice President, Recreation & Benefits

Briella says that she enjoys visiting nice stores and cafes during her free time and she hopes that her role on the Leadership Council as VP of Recreation and Benefits helps all her fellow alumni connect more closely with the YCCECE community and each other.

Vivian Tang
HDECE(2016), BSc(ACD, HKU 2018)
Vice President (Internal Liaison)

Vivian says, “I would like you to know that we are here to support you, just as the YCCECE family does. Through supporting and contributing your knowledge, experience, and practice, we can build a strong community of early childhood educators for the development and future of young children.”

Saana Batool Iqbal

Saana is now working on a higher diploma in YCCECE. “I’m hoping to learn a lot from my fellow alumni and gain as much experience as I can to work in a team so it can strengthen my skills when I’m working in the education field,” she said.